Post-op Day 5!

Count your many blessings…
…name them one by one!
Here we are on day 5 after surgery, with much to be thankful for. Overall Levi is doing fantastic. This morning he got his headdress off and the incision site looks great. The surgeon was able to follow his previous craniotomy and only extend the back line by one inch. It is healing nicely. After that Levi was able to shower and feel like a human again!

Dr Lang told us that Levi did not qualify for inpatient PT (as he was doing too well), so they are discharging us tomorrow! We will then spend a couple nights in a hotel nearby. Dr Lang gave the okay to travel home this weekend, and get stitches removed by our local doctor, and follow up with him for a video call afterwards. I was quite surprised he okayed this, as he is very strict with his patients and likes to be involved in all the care himself (as a very good and meticulous doctor). But, thanking God for the release!

Levi has improved daily with his physical abilities. He walked today without the walker, and practiced going up and down the stairs. We learned what stretches and exercises to do on our own. Getting much stronger and more steady.

As far as cognitive, I don’t think we are missing a thing. He has been joking with everyone, giving compliments, being polite, asking questions, all his regular behaviors! Memory and thinking ability is on par. Sooo thankful.

Glad to be on this side of surgery, and praising God for his nearness and comfort along the journey.

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